Monthly Archives: March 2017

We are thrilled to present our second monthly collection of images of breakfast around the world as documented by documentary family photographers. We hope you are having a great weekend, filled with pancakes and jam, lots of mess and

We asked documentary family photographers to explain how the documentary approach differs from the genre of lifestyle family photography. Often the two styles can be confused with each other as there can be some similarities in the outcome, but as these photographers explain, the approach is

The fact that having children puts your life upside down is no secret to anyone. Everybody loves their kids and wants the best for them, which is not a secret either. Being a parent is more of a path, than of a destination, and it should never, ever end. I am just beginning, there are […]

I love living in London. The beautiful architecture, the amazing free museums, the gorgeous parks – plenty of places to enjoy a family day out. But beyond the obvious, London has many hidden gems that only locals know about. This is the round up of my favourite five, perfect for enjoying as a family.

Documentary family photography; is it for everyone? It might seem daunting to allow a photographer to come into your home for a few hours–or a day–and photograph EV.ER.Y.THING  that happens (yikes!). If you can get past that fear, past the need to orchestrate how you want your pictures to look, get past how you are […]

Documentary family photographers typically spend an extended time with a family, often documenting breakfast time. So here at DFP we thought it would be fun explore what family breakfast really looks like around the world. Enjoy!

It’s official!!! The DFP website is live!!! (and all it took was a ton of hard work, some valium and lots of cups of proper tea…) Welcome to Documentary Family Photographers (DFP) – we are a down-to-earth community celebrating the awesomeness of real family life. This community is for