Monthly Archives: April 2017

Last fall I was at a photography conference aimed for women documenting the world in a photojournalistic way. There were many amazing speakers, but I was probably most excited to meet Kirsten Lewis Bethmann. She is pretty much responsible for putting documentary family photography on the map, and I thought she was the one I would resonate with […]

Did you know that having photos of you and your children on display in your home can boost their self esteem? Yes, that’s right. By seeing pictures of themselves displayed on the wall within the context of their family and friends, it gives them a sense of belonging. They understand that they are not on […]

What is it like to have three kids? Honestly, it’s mayhem. But it’s the most beautiful kind of mayhem. The kind you’ll miss when your house is quiet and your family is grown. It is exhausted gratitude. It is an overflowing heart. It is the greatest