Eeek, how is it June already? This year is flying past. So it’s already time for another edition of the Breakfast Around the World series. These photos, taken by our talented community of documentary family photographers around the world, showcase what documentary family photography is all about: real family life in all its

Welcome to our third edition of Breakfast Around the World. We love seeing the similarities and differences of breakfast across the globe: the struggles, the yawns, the debates over the breakfast table. We hope you enjoy this month’s collection from our documentary family photography community and wish you all a fun weekend!

We are thrilled to present our second monthly collection of images of breakfast around the world as documented by documentary family photographers. We hope you are having a great weekend, filled with pancakes and jam, lots of mess and

Documentary family photographers typically spend an extended time with a family, often documenting breakfast time. So here at DFP we thought it would be fun explore what family breakfast really looks like around the world. Enjoy!