DFP Member’s Spotlight: Frederikke Brostrup

The DFP member’s spotlight is a recurring feature on the DFP blog, where we chat with a member of the documentary family photographers community so we can get to know them better and can celebrate their work.


Today we are chatting with Frederikke Brostrup that has been working in Denmark as a full time family documentary photographer for the last 15 years




Meet Frederikke 

Tell us about yourself! Give us a short bio in 10 sentences or less

I am a 52 years young and I live in Copenhagen with my lovely husband, whom I have been lucky to love in over 25 years.  I have been working as a full time family documentary photographer for the last 15 years I am an emotional person who easily fall in love with people, art, hobbies….. you name it. Creativity is an everyday need for me.  I am a mother, my child is no longer a child…but still my child – he is 23 years old and I love spending time with him.


What is photography for you?

Photography for me is a way to speak. It is a huge part of my voice. A huge part of my breath.

What’s typically in your camera bag? 


In my camera bag there will be my cameras, my lenses, some batteries, some disinfection, painkillers and a silver heart with a turquoise stone in the middle. Nothing else. Not that fancy.

From your point of view, what makes a good picture?


A good picture for me is when I get moved – it can be making me laugh, cry, smile og just being obsessed.  A strong photo stimulate me in ways I don’t have words for, and I just want to look at it again and again.

What inspires you, what makes you decide when to click the shutter?

I am inspired by childhood. I am very inspired by the part of everyday life that is not obvious to photograph. I try to go with my gut….. I just know when to press and actually I also know when not to press. Some press-the button makes my more exited than anything else in the world.

What or who has influenced (or still does) your work the most?

I always go back to Sally Mann who was the first photographer that moved me in a very special way.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I go to galleries, museums, I follow photographers worldvide at SOME and I spend a lot of money on photobooks.

What are you passionate about outside of photography?


I am passionate about making stuff. It can be knitting, pottery, linocutting. I am a great chef – especially when it comes to vegetarian/vegan dishes. And then I am baking the very best sourdough bread. 

What’s been the biggest highlight of your photography journey so far?


One of the biggest hightlights must be meeting up with my brilliant international colleagues at the Kirsten Lewis/Jenna Schouldice workshops in Europe in 2017 and 2018

What are you currently working on?


At  the moment I am working with families – I am lucky to have a full calendar for the next 6 month. Beside that – I try to find time to a – yet not official – personal project.


If you could give yourself one piece of advice when first starting out, what would it be?


My advice to my younger me about photography: You can’t serve everybody – and that’s okay. Believe in your gut.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years from now? 

In 5 years from now I am still fit for fight in my private life, in my working life and I hope, I will be more convinced that what I am doing is good enough….and not being disturbed too much of all my doubts.  Hopefully one of the photobooks in the bookcase is my own.

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