Zwemmen bij Raquel en Michiel in Moraira, Spanje

Documentary family photographers on their approaches

Zwemmen bij Raquel en Michiel in Moraira, Spanje

Image by Sandra Stokmans, The Netherlands


Even though documentary family photographers approach family photography in the “same way”, they all bring a different point of view based on their experiences and values – which results in very different photographs. This week we are showcasing blog posts about how different photographers approach their work:

Overlooked moments

“These are the photos that will make your soul sing when you look back on them in 20 years. Because these were the moments that would otherwise be overlooked – bundled together in a foggy memory. Documenting just a simple day in the life of your family enables those moments to be crystallised and made tangible again”

What makes Day In The Life documentary family photography special? by Rachel Rimell

Image by Nina Gebke, Hamburg, Germany


Be seen and celebrated

“My photography is for those who want to be able to transport themselves back in time to one particular moment. And that means you are all going to be in your photos. I want you to feel seen and celebrate who you are. I capture the human love and emotions so you can feel the moment rather than focus on how you look. You will feel your own story simply by being present in the photos. “

Reasons to choose documentary family photography by Diana Hagues.


Image by Kalinka Photo, Vienna, Austria

Small gestures of affection

“I felt that there was something special in all those small gestures of affection that seem to disappear in the blink of an eye. How can I tell a story made of daily emotions and feelings through the documentary family photography?”

Read the full post: Documentary family photography thoughts by Lavinia Nitu


Image by Nina Gebke, Hamburg, Germany


It feels right

“I knew I wanted to make photographs, but it took me a while to figure out what kind of photographs I wanted to make. I tried to do posed newborn sessions as well as happy lifestyle sessions – but I didn’t feel right doing them. They didn’t fulfill me, they didn’t excite me, they didn’t feel comfortable”

Read the full post: My non-traditional route to documentary family pohtography by Jenna Christina Photography.


Image by Margaret Albaugh, Spokane, WA


On doing work that brings value to families

“I want to do things that are valuable. Projects or work that bring value, have meaning to others or matter to me.”

Read the full post: Why an intuitive photographer is perfect for your family by Sandra Stokmans


Image by Lavinia Nitu, Italy

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