Document grandparents for your kids I

Grandparents are part of our story. Pictures that tell us about who they are and what they were like can provide valuable clues into how we came to be who we are. They can give us strength to endure hard times, or they could give us the boost of willpower that we need to change the way we do things.

Kaleen Enke Photography, Atlanta, GA


Abbie Louise Photography, Munich, Germany

Christina Hardcastle Photography, Melbourne, Australia


Jess Haverkamp, Berlin, Germany


Danielle MacInnes Photography, New Hampshire

Jenna Christina Photography, San Francisco, CA

Karyn Novakowski, Boston, MA

Ma.Ni Photo Studio, Italy

Maljaars Fotografie, The Netherlands


Pamela Anticole, Pittsburgh, PA


Nina Gebke, Hamburg, Germany


Paula Krajewska, Poland

Sandra Stokmans, The Netherlands


Alice Chapman Photography, Cambridge, UK

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