Catherine Cachia
Documentary photography for families who care more about how it felt than how it looked.
Photographer's Bio

The thread that runs through all of my work is embracing what’s imperfect, messy and human. Through years of photographing families I’ve learned that the more we force something, the further we get from it. The best photos are always the ones I get when the photo session was “over,” and everyone thought I’d put my camera away. I’m drawn to joy, humour and connection. My talent is being able to see, appreciate and freeze the little things that make us us. I vote for tantrums over bribes, superhero get-ups over matchy matchy khakis, real cries over fake smiles, honesty over perfection. Let’s skip all the poses and faux laughter and go straight for the good stuff that happens when there are no rules or expectations. I believe that family photos are tools for unlocking and reviving memories and feelings for decades and generations to come.

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