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Re-inventing the family photograph
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What if you could have a photoshoot that looked in on your family and captured the real ‘you’. A photoshoot that gave you a new perspective of your family, how you love each other, comfort one another, make each other laugh, the vulnerability of parenthood, what your kids get up to when you aren’t looking, quiet contemplative moments, real unpredictable moments … a photoshoot that celebrates your unique, real life right now.
As a documentary photographer, nothing makes my heart sing more than elegantly depicting honest stories of family life. To capture the astounding beauty of ordinary everyday life is so powerful in a world of visual comparison, it never fails to take my breath away when I watch clients ‘see’ themselves for the first time and understand that what they have is their ‘perfect’.
I’m based in St Albans just outside of London, but I’ll travel anywhere for the rush of photographing a great family story.

Business Documentary
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Half Day-in-the-Life
Hourly Family Documentary
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