Giovanna Guiotti
Photographer's Bio

Passionate about spontaneity, I employ the knowledge and abilities I acquired working in clinical psychology with children and families to bond with the subjects I’m shooting. This enables me to capture real, unfabricated, unique moments. Tired of posed, unnatural pictures void of emotion, I did a lot of studying by myself and took several courses to master my technique. In 2015, I went to Denver, USA, to be mentored by Kirsten Lewis, a world-renowned documentary family photographer.

I want to tell your story. I want to be your personal photojournalist. I want to document your day just as it is: chaotic and quiet, imperfect and beautiful, harrowing and pleasing. Your routine is more valuable than your posing, and that is why I do not seek your perfect smile. I seek your trust to let me search and uncover the singularity and genuineness of your day – wholeheartedly. You won’t believe how beautiful your everyday really is!

Documentary Portraits
Half Day-in-the-Life
Hourly Family Documentary
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