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Heather Whitten is a shameless champion of pregnant people and their bodies. As a documentary photographer and full-spectrum doula, Heather’s focus on reproductive outcomes encompasses birth, abortion, parenting and family life – all of which make up the body of her photographic work as well. Heather’s life and work highlight the power of vulnerability as a vehicle for connection. Through the intimacy of her photographs, she pulls back a curtain on family life that dispels fear and shame, in the hope that people and families feel empowered and valued through all stages of their lives.

Heather’s photography has been awarded and exhibited nationally, and she is available for Day in the Life sessions across the United States. She also photographs birth as well as pregnancy termination sessions in home. She is a co-founder of The Abortion Project, a non-profit which seeks to create respectful and honest dialog about the processes of reproductive choices.

Heather herself is a mother of four, a photography teacher and mentor, a military spouse and she lives in Tampa, Florida with way too many pets. Heather’s family is relocating to Maryland in the fall of 2021.

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