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Hi! I’m Jana (like banana) and I’ll let you in on a little secret. Your real life is so damn beautiful. I swear, it’s pure art. It’s the good stuff, the double stuff, the sweet, sweet honey glistening throughout your everyday. The dirty faces, unmade beds, temper tantrums, giggle fits, ugly carpet, footed pjs, fairy gardens, dance parties, missing teeth and starter homes – they only happen once. Your life is filled with joy, fear, chaos, laughter, exhaustion, frustration, sadness, elation and love, there’s always the love. As a Documentary Family & Newborn photographer, I’ll collect that honey. I’ll capture gorgeous images of this time in your life. This time that will never happen again. These are the memories that actually matter. This is the art that will always remind you just how stunning your life truly is.

Jana Bee Photography was born from both my childhood nickname, and my ability to capture the sweet, sweet honey amidst the buzz of everyday life. I’m based in Los Angeles, but available to travel worldwide. I believe strongly in photos you can feel and touch, so I create beautiful, tangible heirlooms, like photo books and framed art. All of my documentary clients receive at least one of these tangible goodies included with their sessions.

When I’m not behind the camera, I love to dance with our almost 8-year-old daughter (I swear she was just 4 the other day), make up silly voices for our rescue cats Fezzik and Soleil, drink too much wine at book club, hike in the hills near our home in Glassell Park, forage the farmer’s market every Sunday, pretend that I have a green thumb, dream about someday renovating our old house and take super fun, and way out of my wheelhouse, Bollywood dance classes.

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