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Hi, I’m Kathrin from Hamburg, Germany. Proud mom of three, wife to wonderful husband. Animal and nature lover. Photographer with a yogi approach.
Two of my kids are already grown up and I still can’t believe how fast time has passed by. I guess that my vague melancholy about the transience of our kids childhood helped me getting the passionate documentary family photographer that I’m today.
Every photographer has her own language influenced by her personality and own story. Being allowed to tell a family’s story my focus in fact lies on all the the little moments that we live in our every day life and that more than often pass by without being noticed explicitly.
It’s about the joy that lies within the simple things that our kids would not be able to remember if it weren’t for photographs.
Imagine your kids as grown-ups or even as adults sitting on a sofa and going through your most precious family heirloom – your photo albums: “Oh, this is what our life was looking like as a family. Look at mom! Her happiness on that sunny afternoon that we passed in our garden. Look at dad all proud of us as I took my first step. And, here: this is you crying. And mom kissing away your tears.”
What is your story as a family? #neverforget.
Let me show you the happiness that lies within your every day life.
Lots of love, Kathrin

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