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Imagine straightforward and honest photos of what your family values and loves. By watching the activity I decide how to shoot the scene in a way that tells your story. I want your family to look back on these photos 5, 10, 20 years from now and be able to smell what it was like when you baked your famous pumpkin cheesecake. For your son to see his bedroom and remember the weight of his blanket and how it pulled to one side when you laid next to him to read a bedtime story. For you to remember those frequent hikes with your kids and how they would create boats out of sticks and leaves and race them down the creek. I want you to look back and remember what it felt, smelled, and sounded like to be there. It is your story, and like a biographer, I am here to help you tell it.

Kathy Spanski is a photographer based in Colorado (will travel) and documents births, newborns, families, and high school seniors. She is a mother of two amazing boys and one very furry Golden Retriever. Her passion for photography started at a very young age and has only continued to grow and expand through the years.

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