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There is beauty in the mundane, charm inside quiet moments, hope in the bonds that holds families together, and the magic is, in the way your story is told.
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I am Laura, I am a Documentary Family Photographer based in Mexico City who loves to take pictures of life, just as it is.
I decided to focus on family photography since I became the mother of 2 premature babies who are now 14 and 11 years old.
At that time, the situation with each baby was so delicate, that I couldn’t keep a visual record of either one. I realized that we often rely on memory for so much, that we forget it is a frail and inaccurate way of capturing fleeting moments.
Today, I want to give people the opportunity to have a record of the intimacy of their relationships, to find magic in the simplicity of their life and, above all, to tell their story in a beautiful way.
I have been photographing families since 2014.

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