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I’m Lauren Gayeski, a documentary family photographer living in Ocean City, New Jersey with my husband and our three sons. My career began as an oncology nurse, and it was there I learned that life’s most beautiful, sacred moments aren’t always pretty. The co-mingling of beauty and hardship in my own life was reinforced through my initiation to motherhood, giving birth three times in a little over three years. As I began photographing my family in our everyday life, I recognized how the photos that moved me the most were the ones that reflected my real, unfiltered, uncensored life. And I fell head over heels in love with documentary family photography. Fifteen years later, motherhood still is my creative muse, in all its wild glory.

I’m a beach girl with a bit of a wanderlust heart, trying to learn something new everyday through people and places. The simplest things make me the happiest, like the smell of salt water, the first sip of morning coffee, the sounds of my sons playing music, and finding money in the dryer. I believe that life is a vapor and my life’s work is dedicated to raising the next generation, documenting life as it happens, and finding beauty everywhere.

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