Lifetime Lens by Susannah Stevens
Because your real life is beautiful
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A fellow photographer once laughed and called me a “connoisseur of light.” The laugh was for a photo of my kiddo’s giggling face bathed in sunshine, with the toilet seat behind her head. I do love the way light can make the most mundane moment glorious. But there’s more to a memorable photograph than that, and great light is not required. What’s essential is authenticity. I look for those moments that show something real about a person or a relationship. A loving glance, a characteristic gesture, a flash of pure joy. Because in the end, do you want to remember what you looked like, or who you were?

Lifetime Lens is full service — I come to you at every step of the process, from our first meeting to delivery of your final product. All photo clients receive custom high-end albums or display art made in Italy. I also offer video documentaries for families! These include short slice-of-life videos as well as complete life stories. I learned both photo and video storytelling in a master’s program at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC.

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LocationUnited States of America
City/AreaWashington, DC and surrounding suburbs