Documentary Photographer

Patrizia Iaconisi Documentary Photographer

Patrizia is a documentary photographer with the focus on the beauty of truth & love.

She was born in 1977 as the daughter of an Italian guest worker with Greek roots and a heart of gold, who had left his beautiful homeland in the late 60ies to marry her mother, who is a strong-minded Swabian with German, Austrian and Polish roots from a poor and troubled family.
From her father she got her love for music and nature, her open-heartedness and her wanderlust.
From her mother she got her enthusiasm, her resilience, her backbone.

Patrizia believes in human nature and the good in it, in the beauty of every-day moments, in truth, in light and in prime lenses.
She does not believe in perfection nor in keeping still.
What she does believe in is the power we all carry in ourselves.
She does believe in love.

AND: She believes that some day her website is going to be completed. 😉

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