Documentary Photographer
British Columbia

Pippa Scott Photography

Pippa is a Family Documentary Photographer who just re-located her family from Southern California to Greater Vancouver. She loves to travel and has moved her entire life. Originally born in Vancouver, B.C. she moved to England as a little girl and attended a “Hogwarts type Boarding School” in a small rural Yorkshire town. Since then she has had the privilege of calling the following places home – Manchester, Birmingham and London (UK), Los Angeles, NYC, Stamford, Bay Area & San Diego (USA) and Vancouver, (Canada). Home is wherever her family are and she has a little girl & boy, 2 cats and a dachshund (the wiener dog) and a husband.

She worked for a decade in the entertainment/film industry and discovered her love of Photography after the birth of her daughter. She fell in love with the genre of Documentary Photography as she found the style better able to create lasting memories that are raw, honest and make even the most mundane moments unforgettable. She wants to share this gift with other families too. She also loves bingeing TV shows, date nights and hanging with friends.

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