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We fell in love with documentary family photography around the same time that Instagram and Pinterest started taking off. The social pressures to share “picture perfect” images and influencers misrepresenting their real lives saw increases in depression. People stopped appreciating what they have and started pinning what they want life to look like. Sessions became stressful for parents and less enjoyable for the kids. Bringing along store bought props to “tell the story” did nothing to really capture what life was really like at that moment.
It wasn’t for us and we wanted more for our clients. We believe capturing your family should be as easy as just being with one another in the comfort of the day-to-day. It doesn’t require rewards for forced smiles and eyes at the camera.
We don’t want you to lose sight of what really matters- about how beautiful your everyday moments are. We want you to appreciate the extraordinary in the ordinary. Life is beautiful. You’re beautiful.
Don’t believe us?
Let us prove it to you!

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