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I believe that the best stories are the ones that are true, told with energy, genuineness, humor and a little bit of poetry. This photography business came from an intersection of so many different aspects of my life – my love for traveling and subsequently, being invited into peoples’ homes; my fascination with National Geographic stories; my research into my grandparents’ immigration history; my interest in all things behind-the-scenes. When I discovered family documentary photography, it’s like all these pieces clicked from these seemingly disconnected sources and allowed me to do everything simultaneously – live alongside people in a day in their life; create heirlooms for families so that grandchildren wouldn’t have to work so hard to know where they came from; to make personal documentaries for people who might never appear in National Geographic but have still lived a life worth living.To me, documenting the everyday in this way is like receiving permission to draw stories out of strangers, and to create family photographs reflecting life itself: a series of interactions that make up the totality of a human life, much more than the words that make up a story, the cascade of moments making up your day that deserve to be documented, and the sense of “home” and the love that surrounds you daily. When not photographing families, small businesses or worldwide brands, you can find me trying to Konmari my tiny house (498 sq ft!), chasing my 4-yr-old or nursing my 6-month-old, planning the next family road trip, or looking for local flavor in pockets of Los Angeles.

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