Tiny Tales by Angela Azevedo
Perfectly Imperfect Lives
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Hi. I’m Angela. I am a documentary family photographer based in Porto, Portugal.

My absolute favourite childhood pictures are the ones that do justice to that famous “bad temper” of mine that dad keeps talking about in family events! The pouty ones, the tantrum ones, the fiercely debating ones… Because they bring out vivid memories and intensely felt stories.
I love every image that sparks this need to tell a story or pause to revisit a moment. That’s what I do for other families (and mine) as a documentary photographer.

I feel that I need to reassure you, though, that I was only bad tempered as a child (and maybe as a teenager). I am now a smiley, clumsy and curious lady.

Learning new languages is my thing, so you can reach out to me in portuguese, english, spanish or french.
I am available for travelling.

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