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Parenting during the pandemic…

Anna Holden, Marlborough, CT  shares how Parenting during the pandemic looks for her

“As a result of the lockdowns, I’ve become a rather accomplished barber. It started as a necessity… cutting my son’s hair when I could no longer stand how long it was, my husband’s hair when he could no longer stand how long it had become. Even my daughter’s boyfriend asked me to cut his hair!! And now, with barber shops open once again, I’m still cutting everyone’s hair… it’s become just one more thing on my to do list.”

“Trying to find peace and calm amidst the chaos of having two little ones practically attached to me 24/7/365.”

“Parenting during the pandemic… involved many weird, socially-distant, ’safe’ events to give kids some semblance of normalcy. Like car parades for birthdays, or like Santa visiting every kid’s house in our town on a firetruck.”

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