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Image by Annie Gozard, Paris, France


If you’ve ever been curious about what photographers feel about having their own family photographed, or how they feel about the photos they have of their own lives… well here you go:

When photographers hire photographers

“When I look back on pictures from my childhood, I wish I had more photos of my parents and with my parents. Photos that show them being parents and that also offer glimpses into who they were besides Mom and Dad. That’s what images of real life offer.”

Three things I’ve learned from having my own family photographed by Nicole Sanchez Photography


Image by Dreama Spence, Hampton Roads, Virginia


Image by Katrin Küllenberg Photography, Düsseldorf, Germany


Details of your home matter

“What makes a home a home? It’s said it’s where the heart is. If a home is the people in it, is it still home when the people are absent?”

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Image by Elisse Carma, Arona, Italy


Image by Jenna Christina Photography, San Francisco, CA


The missed photos

“I wish I’d had more of those pictures. Breastfeeding. Changing the nappy. Dressing him. Going for a walk. Shopping for a new buggy. Reading a parenting book trying to figure out this sleep thing. Working with a baby on my lap/chest/arm.

But I didn’t know I’d want those, so I didn’t take them, and didn’t ask them to be taken, and now I don’t have those memories. I know better now and I urge you, new parents, to ditch the perfection and embrace the imperfection.”

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Image by Nina Gebke, Hamburg, Germany


Image by Kaleen Enke Photography, Atlanta, GA


Learning from your own childhood pictures

My dad worked a hell of a lot. When he got home he would always need some time for himself. Noise was annoying (which I can totally relate to now). We had to stay out of his way for a bit.

I don’t remember him being very involved. But then again my memory is not that good. Thankfully I have pictures of him being involved… in his own way.”

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Image by Lauren Gayeski Photography, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

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