Point of view: Jennifer Adams

This week Gloucestershire, UK, based documentary family photographer Jennifer Adams is sharing her documentary family photography point of view along with her photographs:

As a documentary family photographer, one of my aims during a session is for the family to forget that I am there. I want the moments that are happening to be raw, natural and unselfconscious. However, for most people it’s not easy to immediately forget the camera. I find that after the first hour, everyone stops caring about my presence and begins to interact in a more authentic way.


Often, it is when parents look at their children that they completely forget my camera – all they can see is their child. The images that I am drawn to, and which I hope clients will treasure too, are those which clearly show this incredible tunnel-vision-love. I became aware of this from pictures of my own family: in my partner’s expression when looking at our daughter I could see pure affection – and it was totally unselfconscious.


I also find moments when children are completely absorbed with a parent, whether through eye contact or physical demands. These bring back memories I have of holding my Dad’s hand when I was little, always hanging off him.

I hope that these images remind parents of how central they are to their child’s world.

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