Point of View: Margaret Albaugh

This week Spokane, WA based photographer Margaret Albaugh is sharing her documentary family photography point of view along with her photographs:

On some subconscious level, I think I always felt like I was pressured to behave in some way. I think my cultural upbringing had a large part of it – my role in life was as a good student and I think it was largely limited to just that.

Being a parent, I really want to help my kids see themselves as a whole person and to develop in more ways than just one. My photography is a celebration of who they are – they are quite weird, silly, clever, and kind. I want my photographs of them be little celebrations of how awesome they are, and I bring this perspective to my clients too. Oftentimes, they think of my images as being magical, because the way they view their daily life is transformed.

I also want my photography to be a reminder of a specific stage of life to allow the viewer or client to feel like they are there and to experience the little details of that stage, whether it’s newborn fragility,struggles of bedtime, the excitement of losing teeth, the beauty of the underwater world, or just the uniqueness of childhood. I want the viewer to have more than just a picture, but an experience.

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