Point of View: Nicole Sanchez

This week Nicole of Nicole Sanchez Photography in Alexandria, Virginia is sharing her documentary family photography point of view along with her photographs:

Like for many photographers, taking pictures can be a form of therapy for me. Or at least a chance to get out of my head and change my perspective a bit. On days when the chaos at home overwhelms me, I sometimes pick up my camera just to find the humor in it and to remind myself that, for better and worse, this won’t last forever.

I can sometimes imagine some older (calmer and wiser) version of myself looking back at an image and smiling at the absurdity and perhaps remembering how hard it seemed at the time but what fun it all was overall.

Other days when I’m whirling through the never-ending to-do list, I’ll catch sight of a moment that reminds me to slow down and not miss the point of it all. Kids have a way of teaching us things about ourselves and about life. Sometimes things we least want to know and definitely not always pretty.

When I’m lucky and I pay attention, using my camera can help me find some harmony between doing what it takes to make life happen and enjoying the amazing adventure it can be.


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