Documentary Newborn Photography

Real life with a newborn III

Documentary pictures of the first few weeks with a brand new baby help you remember those days that went past in a often sleep-deprived haze. You work hard to take care of a new little one – and the pictures will show your kiddos how loved they were right from the start.

Rowena Meadows, Melbourne, Australia


Casie Zalud, Boulder, CO


Christine Hurla Photography, Kansas City, KS


Dautlich Photography, England


Jenna Christina Photography, San Francisco, California


Katrin Küllenberg Photography, Düsseldorf, Germany


Jen Lucas Photography, Madison, WI

Ma.Ni Photo Studio, Italy


Simona Dietiker, Switzerland


Nicole Sanchez Photography, Alexandria, Virginia


Danielle MacInnes Photography, New Hampshire


Sam Ellison, Orange County, CA


Susanne Heiker Fotografie, Munich, Germany

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