amazing shot family photojournalism

The story behind THAT shot by Daniel Freitas

amazing shot family photojournalism

When Daniel Freitas, documentary family photographer based in São Paulo, Brazil, posted THIS shot to the DFP photographer group, unsurprisingly everyone went nuts for it, and the question on everyone’s lips was “how??”. So we asked Daniel to tell us how on earth this amazing photo came about:

“Over 12 months I created a documentary photography project with the name of 24 hours, where I arrived at the family home the night before, I sleep in the house with them, and spend the next day trying to capture moments of them. I had total freedom to photograph what I chose during that time with each family. While with the family Pires de Jundiaí (São Paulo) Brazil, the highlight was when they tried to make brownies and it turned into a full-on flour and egg war. There was so much flour and egg everywhere, they ended up having to wash the house! Placing myself above the scene on the second floor, I was able to capture the shot above. Imagine my joy, even coming home all covered in flour!!” – DANIEL FREITAS
But that wasn’t the only incredible shot Daniel captured from that session. Here are some others from those 24 hours with the São Paulo family.
real family life Brazil
baking with kids
amazing shot family photojournalism
documentary family photography wash the kids with buckets
day in the life family photos of water slide in back garden
water slide kids
Daniel was also lucky enough to have a videographer with him that day, to capture it all. You can see the video here.
Click here to see more of Daniel Freitas’ 24 horas project on his website.

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