5 reasons you really MUST include your pets in your next family photo session: Documentary Family Photographers

We LOVE getting pets in the frame. Afterall, the whole point of a documentary family session is to document your family’s life, and that includes your pet(s). Here are the DFP community’s top 5 reasons why you should absolutely include your pets in your next family photo session.

photo and kids art display

7 Creative Ways to Display your Family Photos

Did you know that having photos of you and your children on display in your home can boost their self esteem? Yes, that’s right. By seeing pictures of themselves displayed on the wall within the context of their family and friends, it gives them a sense of belonging. They understand that they are not on […]

Kids at restaurant

Our first DFP Blog Post!!

It’s official!!! The DFP website is live!!! (and all it took was a ton of hard work, some valium and lots of cups of proper tea…) Welcome to Documentary Family Photographers (DFP) – we are a down-to-earth community celebrating the awesomeness of real family life. This community is for