Code of Ethics and Professional Standards For Photographers
Authenticity and respect lie at the heart of documentary family photography.

These are the code of ethics and professional standards which we expect our Community Photographers to abide by:

Commitment to Authenticity

When conducting a documentary photography session, Community Photographers should:

  • be accurate and compassionate in the representation of their client and their client’s family;
  • avoid manipulating or directing a session;
  • avoid stereotyping and bias when photographing their client and their client’s family;
  • edit in a way that maintains the integrity of the image’s content and context. This means not adding or subtracting (cloning) anything, nor heavy post-processing which will alter reality.

Commitment to Client

Community Photographers should

  • respect the rights, dignity and needs of their client and their client’s family;
  • maintain a primary obligation to their client and their client’s family;
  • provide services in a non-discriminatory manner and without judgement;
  • provide accurate information regarding their education and experience as a documentary family photographer;
  • utilize a contract which clearly outlines the rights and obligations of both the photographer and the client, ensuring their client has a clear understanding of the contract and what is included in the services provided;
  • protect the confidentiality of the client in accordance with the contract (only except where disclosure is required by law);
  • only use, share or publish images of the client and their family as outlined in the contract;
  • charge clients accurately and fairly in accordance with industry standards;
  • at all times, maintain professionalism and integrity.

Commitment to Profession

Community Photographers should

  • work to promote high standards for the documentary family photography industry;
  • market and advertise only accurate, honest, non-misleading information about documentary family photography;
  • commit to maintaining, improving, and furthering their education in documentary family photography (through workshops, courses, reading and research);
  • abide by applicable copyright laws for both images and written words;
  • encourage and support the growth of documentary family photography;
  • strengthen and promote community through respect and support of other documentary family photographers and their work.

The above code of ethics and professional standards serves as guidelines for best practice for photographers listed in the directory contained in this site. The owners and administrators of this site take no responsibility and are not liable for failure by any such photographer to abide by this recommended code of conduct.