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Why You Should Have a Listing on DFP’s Directory Site

Did you know DFP had a Worldwide Directory where you can list your services, portfolio images & Bio? The directory gives documentary photographers another chance to connect with clients and showcase your offers. And let’s be honest, us photographers need all of the marketing help we can get!

There are some awesome advantages to being a DFP Listed photographer, so let’s check them out…

Beyond the obvious perks of a SEO Boost and the opportunity to be found by clients in your area and worldwide, listing on the Documentary Family Photographers Directory has some pretty kick ass additional perks.

Here are a handful of perks DFP Listed photographers get to enjoy:


We have a special Listed Photographers Only Clubhouse… Ok, it’s a Facebook group, but it is still pretty fabulous and perhaps one day we will have a secret handshake. In the clubhouse we have exclusive offers, image calls, and in-depth, high-level conversations which are for DFPers who are serious about upping their game & becoming industry leaders.

Speaking of industry leaders, we have a very special team of moderators who have joined us there who are ready and willing to help and share their experience.


This is something new we have added and we are freaking excited about it!

These discussions will give us a chance to get in a “meeting” together, to network and to learn from each other. Some calls will have a guided topic with an expert in that area (such as marketing, SEO, composition, approach, facing fears, etc.) while others will be Q&A/Discussion chats about anything.

The idea is to further connect and engage the listed photographer community. We all have something to teach each other and we all have something to learn from each other.


DFP Listed photographers get to enjoy various discounts and freebies. We have a variety of partners (such as Smart Albums offering $100 off or the Documentary Family Awards offering a free entry into each awards cycle) as well as discounts off of DFP Education courses/workshops & shop items (at least 15% off!). In addition to this, we are rolling out listed photographer exclusive templates and learning tools, which will be free.

For example, in December, Bridget Eldridge will be hosting a free live critique of images submitted by our listed photographers!


*In early 2021 we are launching a paid subscription education platform as a way to amplify diverse voices and have accessible education for photographers no matter where they are at in the journey. As a listed photographer, you get free access to content on the subscription education platform included in your DFP listing membership.


We have regular image calls for our listed photographers to be featured on both our directory blog and education blog. This is so great for your own SEO not to mention, it gives you a chance to show off your work, knowledge and talents.

Listed DFPers can submit their own blog posts as well, just as April Dautlich did here.

We also have been in the works with various international media outlets (check out this story German Parenting Magazine, Eltern, did on our listed photographers this year) and will continue to push that even further in 2019.

Listed photographers also have an open invitation to apply / submit ideas for paid teaching opportunities. We really love seeing photographers sharing knowledge and being paid to do so 🙂 Chuck Anerino is a perfect example of this.


The DFP Community as a whole is incredible. Whether listed or not, we truly love the community that has been built and continues to grow.

We want to continue to grow our Listed Photographer community (ummm, hello! We have a clubhouse! What’s not to love?) so we can engage in advanced conversation, inspiration and learning together. That said, listed photographers are up for the challenge of talking about some topics that may not go over so well in the “big” open group (anyone see the stuff that goes down about ethics? Fruit Baths?? Lights?? Prompting?? Those conversations are so important to have and in the listed clubhouse we can dive further into them via our live video meetings and written discussion. This will help the entire community so we can chime in when they come up in the open group and can offer valuable opinions based on our “research” as the listed community).


And lastly, awesomeness! There are so many reasons to be a listed photographer (too many to write out here) but the most important would be, feeling awesome! Being listed gives you the confidence of knowing you are a part of something bigger! Something that you have a hand in growing! And that feels really really good.