The Everyday Matters III

Just like a smell, taste or song can suddenly take you back to a memory, documentary family photography can instantly take you back to a moment in time.

When you think about holding your pictures in your hands, what do you want them to remind you of? How do you want to feel when you look at them? Where do you want them to take you?

Emotions, moments, relationships, connections – they are all tangled up together in every corner and crevasse of our lives, and capturing them is pretty dang amazing. Who needs “perfect” when the everyday routines are what truly matter?

Jen Lucas Photography, Madison, WI

Jess Lycoops Photography, Denmark-Slagelse

Alisha Skeel Photography, Westerville, OH

Ana Pratas, Portugal

Jenna Christina Photography, San Jose, California

Simona Dietiker, Switzerland

Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography, Westport, Connecticut

Annie Gozard, Paris, France

Desiree Walters Photography, Brooklyn, NY

Katrin Küllenberg Photography, Düsseldorf, Germany

Maljaars Fotografie, The Netherlands

Paula Krajewska, Poland

Julia Chang, New Jersey

Rowena Meadows, Melbourne, Australia

Samantha Hines Photography, Denver, Colorado

Susanne Heiker Fotografie, Munich, Germany

Danielle MacInnes Photography, New Hampshire

Morgana Secco, London

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