The everyday matters IX

There seem to always be excuses for why pictures of your family RIGHT NOW would be less than ideal. But those things may seem irrelevant compared to all the reasons why you would want to have your right-now everyday documented. We’re hoping that these photos from documentary photographers around the world will inspire you to take more pictures of what your life looks like right now:


Allyson Klein, Belfast, Northern Ireland



Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography, Westport, CT


Annie Gozard, Paris, France


Christine Wright, Princeton, NJ


Captureology, Tampa, FL


Corrina Holburn Photography, Vancouver, Canada


Danielle MacInnes Photography, New Hampshire


Desiree Walters Photography, Brooklyn, NY


Dreama Spence, Hampton Roads, Virginia


Anna Holden, Marlborough, CT


Kaleen Enke Photography, Atlanta, GA


Kalinka Photo, Vienna, Austria


Maljaars Fotografie, The Netherlands


Momoland Photo, Switzerland


Morgana Secco, London


Nina Gebke, Hamburg, Germany


Jenna Christina Photography, San Francisco, CA


Polina Subbotina, Hamburg, Germany



Shannon Christy, San Diego, CA

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