The everyday matters VI

Our job as documentary family and newborn photographers is not (always) to make flattering, bright, and happy pictures of smiling faces.

Our job is to freeze a moment in time, to make images that make you feel something, and to make keepsakes that you and your family can keep going back to.

Our job is to show just how funny, exhausting, heartwarming, and interesting everyday parenthood really is. No direction needed.


Jess Haverkamp, Berlin, Germany


Abbie Louise Photography, Munich, Germany


Alice Chapman, Cambridge, UK


Annie Gozard, Paris, France


Captureology, Tampa, FL


Christine Wright, Princeton, NJ


Giovanna Guiotti, Brazil


Julia Chang, New Jersey


Felicia Chang, Vancouver, British Columbia


Kalinka Photo, Vienna, Austria


Ma.Ni Photo Studio, Italy


Nicole Sanchez Photography, Alexandria, Virginia


Pamela Anticole, Pittsburgh, PA


Paula Krajewska, Poland


Polina Subbotina, Hamburg, Germany


Sandra Stokmans, The Netherlands


Stories and Light Photography, Belfast, Northern Ireland


The Inspired Storytellers, Orlando, FL (Stephana Ferrell)


Jenna Christina Photography, San Francisco, CA


Nina Gebke, Hamburg, Germany


Jana Bee Photography, Los Angeles, CA

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