Photo tips from our documentary family photographer community

Image by Danielle MacInnes Photography, New Hampshire


To inspire your photo taking at home, we are sharing some blog posts written by documentary family photographers from our community:

How you can get yourself in your family photos (even if you feel self-conscious)

“Throw away your reservations of being in your photos, because you have to smile or look at the camera. You don’t! There are lots of different perspectives you can create in capturing candid pictures of yourself with your little one without even showing your face.”

Read all her tips: Six fun and creative ideas to get in your family photos and show your kids you were there too” by Diana Hagues Photography

Image by Jess Haverkamp, Berlin, Germany


Image by Sandra Stokmans, The Netherlands


Advanced documentary self portraits tips

“It’s essential to let go of perfection. This was a really hard one for me. You can only do so much, esp. when the camera isn’t actually in your hands. Embrace whatever develops. Embrace imperfection. It’s way better than the photo your spouse didn’t take. “

Get all the tips: Documentary self portrait tips by Anna Holden Photography


Image by Anna Holden Photography, Marlborough, CT


How to organize your digital photos

“Photograph at your subjects eye level or looking directly down at them. With kids, it means you often have to crouch or sit on the floor to get the shot. Do it! I often joke that I don’t need gym membership as I’m constantly doing squats during photoshoots!”

Read all six tips: How to organize your digital photos: first steps by Antonina Mamzenko

Image by Katrin Küllenberg Photography, Düsseldorf, Germany


Image by Allyson Klein, Belfast, Northern Ireland


How to pick pictures for your photo book or album

“Mix things up! When you pick several pictures of the same activity, you can mix it up by adding pictures from different angles and distances onto the same spread.”

Read all the tips: How to pick pictures for your photo book by Jenna Christina Photography

Image by Jenna Christina Photography, San Jose, California


Image by Dautlich Photography, West Sussex, England

Why not printing your photos is risky

“We are raising what is called a ‘lost generation’; a generation who will only have photos in hard drives or cloud storages. Who won’t, like our generation, have photo albums to remember their lives. Who won’t have keepsakes to pass along to their children so that they can see and feel what life is like right now.

They will have jpegs … or RAW files … but what will happen to those files in the long run?”

Read the full article: It’s risky to not print your photos by Sandra Stokmans

Image by Nicole Sanchez Photography, Alexandria, Virginia

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