WORDS: Documentary family photographer Margaret Albaugh, Spokane, WA IMAGES: How documentary family photographers display photos in their homes. Dautlich Photography, West Sussex, England   Sometimes I walk through a friend’s house and I see only bare walls. Maybe there’s a random stock photograph or graphic design framed on the wall. For the most part, I see […]

Most clients that inquire with me tell me that they only want the digital files. But you know what happens when we only have digital files? They stay digital. Eventually they get lost amongst thousands, get accidentally deleted, or vanish when your hard drive fails. How do I know this? Not three days ago me […]

Did you know that having photos of you and your children on display in your home can boost their self esteem? Yes, that’s right. By seeing pictures of themselves displayed on the wall within the context of their family and friends, it gives them a sense of belonging. They understand that they are not on […]