Yesterday I started to read a book. Not a parenting book, not a book my kids picked out, not a photography book but an honest-to-Buddha-can’t-put-it-down book. In the midst of a massive to-do list that always seems to multiply exponentially by the amount of time I don’t have, I picked up a book. For me.

We LOVE getting pets in the frame. Afterall, the whole point of a documentary family session is to document your family’s life, and that includes your pet(s). Here are the DFP community’s top 5 reasons why you should absolutely include your pets in your next family photo session.

Eeek, how is it June already? This year is flying past. So it’s already time for another edition of the Breakfast Around the World series. These photos, taken by our talented community of documentary family photographers around the world, showcase what documentary family photography is all about: real family life in all its

Today, we are thrilled to feature a recent documentary photography session by Julia Erz, one our talented Listed Photographers based in Freiburg, Germany. Julia told us:

When Daniel Freitas, documentary family photographer based in São Paulo, Brazil, posted THIS shot to the DFP photographer group, unsurprisingly everyone went nuts for it, and the question on everyone’s lips was